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Atlas of World Religions book cover Atlas of World Religions
Reynolds Contributes to New Hammond Visual History
Oct. 21, 2008--Phaeton Group collaborated with the world's premiere publisher of atlases on Hammond's new Atlas of World Religions. Our archaeologist and director Dr. David West Reynolds served as an expert consultant on the seven-member author team for the book, and wrote sections on a range of topics including the history of Buddhism and the establishment of Christianity in ancient Roman Europe. The 400-page "visual history" charts the development of humanity's major faiths, integrating annotated maps into a wide-ranging survey of the subject from prehistory to the present day. More on the Atlas of World Religions

Arctic solar phenomenon New Arctic Images
JAN. 26, 2008--A new collection of Phaeton images is now available in the Gallery section of the Northwest Passage Mission initial report. The images all carry full captions that provide an account of our journey through the Arctic. Check them out! New Northwest Passage images

CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent, icebreaker for Phaeton mission PX-9. Phaeton image by Alex Ivanov Northwest Passage Mission Successful
Phaeton Ice Corps Returns From Arctic Expedition
October 30, 2007--The Phaeton Ice Corps arctic field team has returned safely from a successful mission to the Northwest Passage aboard the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent, after reaching the settlement of Resolute at almost 75 degrees north. "Thanks to the extraordinary support afforded us by Capt. Klebert and his first-class crew, we were able to accomplish much more than we expected," says Phaeton mission leader Dr. David West Reynolds. Arctic Mission

Epic Rivalry book cover Epic Rivalry:
The Inside Story of the Soviet and American Space Race
Reynolds contributes essays to new National Geographic Book
WASHINGTON D.C., September 18, 2007--Phaeton Director David West Reynolds contributed five essays for a new history of the race to the Moon: Epic Rivalry: The Inside Story of the Soviet and American Space Race, published by National Geographic Books. The book was written by Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum curator Von Hardesty and his collaborator Gene Eisman. Dr. Hardesty, a Phaeton friend and colleague, is a specialist in Russian aviation history, and therefore particularly well-suited to offer a balanced account of the space race, in which the American and Soviet efforts are both weighted appropriately. Epic Rivalry

Albertaceratops nesmoi face reconstruction Phaeton Dinosaur Article in Explorers Club magazine
Ryan's new dinosaur species covered in Outpost article by Reynolds
TORONTO, July 2007--Phaeton's Chief Paleontologist Michael J. Ryan is a member of the Canadian chapter of the Explorers Club. When the Club heard about Michael's discovery of yet another new dinosaur species (the second in two years!), they asked for an article about it. David West Reynolds' story appeared in the July/August 2007 issue of the Explorers Club magazine Outpost, illustrated with Phaeton Group photos.  About the Outpost article

Cart measures German flying wing fuselage Nazi Flying Wing: Out of the Shadows
Phaeton Examines Advanced German World War II Jet
WASHINGTON D.C., June 2007--The legendary "Nazi flying wing" was the target of Phaeton Group's latest field mission. Phaeton's director Dr. David West Reynolds led a team of five Phaeton investigators on a project to assess this aircraft first-hand. The Horten Ho 229 V3 is the only surviving turbojet flying wing from Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, a strikingly advanced design for its era. Jet Wing Mission

Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome book cover Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome
Aldrete's latest book published by Hopkins
JAN 30, 2007--Prof. Greg Aldrete's latest book Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome has just been published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Aldrete's second book with Hopkins is the culmination of a 6-year research project that involved several research trips to Rome and support from two NEH fellowships as well as a sabbatical from his teaching duties at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. Aldrete is an ancient historian by training, but true to the Phaeton tradition he employs a highly multidisciplinary and innovative approach involving as much archaeology as history. To explore the subject Aldrete brought to bear research on modern floods, hydrology, and geography. The result greatly illuminates the historical evidence and provides a new understanding of the large part floods played in the life of ancient Rome. Roman Floods

Kennedy Space Center book cover New Kennedy Space Center book published
Reynolds' second NASA book covers space launch history
September 12, 2006--Firefly Books has just published Kennedy Space Center: Gateway to Space, the ninth book by Phaeton director David West Reynolds and his second on space history. Research for the project included a Phaeton mission to Kennedy Space Center with our mechanical engineer Hugh Williams for extensive examinations of the facilities and launch pads. NASA kindly afforded Phaeton's team virtually complete access to the operations at KSC, and this firsthand experience is reflected in the detailed accounts in the book. Kennedy Space Center
Mission to Sea Shadow Sea Shadow in hangar, Phaeton Image by Alex Ivanov
Phaeton Checks Out Navy's Radar-Invisible Ship
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 2003--The U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C., afforded a Phaeton team special access to the Sea Shadow, a sea-going counterpart to the F-117A Stealth Fighter. Both vehicles were conceived by the famous Skunk Works at Lockheed. Phaeton boards the Sea Shadow in its extraordinary floating hangar for a closer look at this engineering marvel. Sea Shadow feature

DWR on Fox TV News Phaeton On National Television
Reynolds Speaks With Fox News
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2003--Phaeton's director spoke with Fox TV News about the loss of the space shuttle Columbia, an appearance beamed into the New York show via satellite from the West Coast. In this four-minute interview, Reynolds described space exploration as an inspiring endeavor worth the risks, as long as we continue to advance the frontier of human experience. Reynolds said that he would like to see the U.S. resume ambitious efforts to take astronauts farther and higher--back to the Moon and onward to Mars--rather than remain content with the routine of the shuttle program.

Dinosaur Mission Complete DPP team at FS
Volunteers Bolster Field Team
DRUMHELLER, ALBERTA, August 24, 2002--A Phaeton expedition team led by Dr. David West Reynolds (far right) has just completed a project in the badlands of Western Canada. The team aided Phaeton Chief Paleontologist Michael J. Ryan in a complete program of dinosaur prospecting, excavation, and laboratory preparation of recovered fossils. Ryan has discovered at least one new species of ceratopsian dinosaur. A documentary crew followed the entire mission with unprecedented access to every step of the process, as well as to the critical decision-making discussions behind the expedition. The result will offer viewers a complete picture of how dinosaur hunters operate and what goes into a Phaeton mission. Volunteers new to the Phaeton project (in blue, at right) added greatly to the endeavor, expanding capabilities and broadening the team's expertise.
Full Mission Report

Apollo: The Epic Journey to the Moon book cover Apollo: The Epic Journey to the Moon
Reynolds Publishes Apollo History
NEW YORK April 2002--Phaeton Group is pleased to announce a new illustrated history of the Apollo Moon landing program, written by Dr. David West Reynolds and published May 2002 by Harcourt. Reynolds spent a year researching and writing APOLLO, sifting through NASA archives and personally examining the surviving artifacts of America's Moon odyssey. "I set out to create the Apollo book I always wanted to see," Reynolds says. Apollo: The Epic Journey To The Moon has been handsomely supported by publisher Harcourt.
Apollo book

Phaeton at the Movies
Reynolds Publishes New Star Wars Book
SAN FRANCISCO April 2002--Phaeton's busy Captain has a new Star Wars hardcover in the stores, tied to the latest installment in director George Lucas' cinematic saga. says that this book "marks the return of fan-favorite Dr. David West Reynolds as author." Aw shucks, you guys. Reynolds designed and commissioned special props for this project, including space creatures and high-tech "holocrons." The props were built by some of the best artists at Industrial Light & Magic, and photographed for the book by Phaeton's very own imagery wizard Alex Ivanov.
Star Wars: Episode II Visual Dictionary at Amazon