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A Professor and Roman Historian at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Greg is published with the Johns Hopkins University Press, Cambridge University Press, and the University of Michigan Press. He has been awarded two fellowships at the American Academy in Rome, and won the 2006 UWGB Founder's Association Award for Excellence in Scholarship. Greg writes chapters and entries for college textbooks and academic encyclopedias, but is best known for his original research. His most recent scholarly book is Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome, published in early 2007.

After earning his undergraduate degree from Princeton and his Ph.D. in Ancient History from the University of Michigan, Greg Aldrete joined the History Department at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay in 1995. Greg's areas of interest are the social and economic history of the Roman Empire, rhetoric and oratory, and urban problems in the ancient world. He is the most highly awarded scholar in Phaeton Group, and we are very proud of his work.

Greg interprets the ancient world for a range of audiences, having written for college textbooks and scholarly encyclopedias in addition to his work for academic books and journals. He was one of the experts selected to write entries for the Cambridge Guide to Classical Civilization. Greg's scholarly work includes a widely-referenced book chapter on the logistics and organization of the supply system for the city of Rome--an essay that is assigned reading for many college classes in America and Europe. In 2007 Greg completed an innovative study which brings a range of modern evidence to bear on an investigation of the frequent and violent floods that plagued ancient Rome.

An archaeological historian

The highly original use of modern records to illuminate the phenomenon of ancient flooding is characteristic of Greg's broad-based explorations. "I firmly believe in an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the ancient world," Greg says, "an approach which combines history, philology, archaeology, and art history and uses both textual and physical evidence." Such a wide-ranging outlook is academically demanding, but it represents the Phaeton Group ideal in valuing multiple perspectives. Thus Greg can often be found working with primary evidence and archaeological materials in ways unconventional for his field. "Some of the most exciting moments of my research," he says, "have involved physical evidence--such as examining 1,500 year old manuscripts at the Vatican Library."

"I have tried to incorporate this approach into my teaching as well," Greg says, "by bringing artifacts such as coins into the classroom and by emphasizing the reading of primary sources. As a teacher, my goals are to convey to my students a bit of the enthusiasm for and fascination with the ancient world that I feel, and to show some of the connections between that world and our own."

Greg's latest book, Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome

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